Author: David Mills

Time To Ride

Ok, so it’s not officially open yet, but it is in good enough shape for you to ride. A few things to think about when you’re visiting the skills park: Helmets are mandatory when riding the skills park. Yes, this means you. Unless you’re on your bike and ready to ride, please stay off the start mound. It’s getting clogged… Read more →

Almost There

The Fish Creek Mountain Bike Skills Park is almost complete. Starr Trail Solutions has been working hard to get it finished by the end of September, and it looks like they’re on track to do just that! But First… Lots of you have been riding the skills park after Starr has finished work for the day, which is okay. However,… Read more →

Progress Fish Creek Mountain Bike Skills Park


We are making progress with the skills park! Starr Trail Solutions is moving right along, and have made great strides in shaping the skills park. We had some hiccups with machines and water, but those are sorted now, and we should be able to power through to the end of the project. Also, don’t forget to stay out of the skills… Read more →

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