It’s On! Digging April 22

It’s April
, and we’re seeing the signs of spring: robins, street sweepers and crocuses. That also means that it’s time to start digging in the skills park.

Most of the work we will be doing will involve buffing the tracks and improving the flow. You may have noticed that the intermediate pump track is hard to turn into a loop. Changes will be made to 3 berms to allow for continuous riding instead of exiting at the start mound. This should also allow for more speed. A couple of rollers will be tweaked to improve alignment. We’ll be bringing in a machine or two earlier in the week to help with the [very] heavy lifting, so the hand labour will be mostly buffing and fine-tuning.

Finally, we’ve got a big pack of Cub Scouts coming to plant trees and shrubs in the skills park in May. We need to tidy things up so that they don’t have to deal with rotting chunks of lumber and old water pipes, so part of the day will be spent doing a sweep for any junk that got missed in last year’s cleanup efforts.

If you can’t make this day, no worries. We’ll be having others, likely one a month for the whole season. Cheers!

April 22 Dig Day

Date/Time: April 22, 10 AM – 2 PM

What to bring: Gloves, long pants, food, water, appropriate clothing for the weather. Boots would be a good idea in case it’s muddy or if you like your toes.

CMBA will supply: Guidance, Tools [note: if you have your own flat shovel and/or wheelbarrow and/or tamper, feel free to bring it]

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